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Sheepskin Seat Cover Pictures

2013 C6 Grand Sport Corvette Convertible with our Tailor Made Black sheepskins.

Tailor Made All Sheepskin for a Zippy Red 335i BMW in Camel.

Custom Made All Sheepskin for a 2013 Cadillac XTS in Pearl.

Rear View of our Custom Made All Sheepskin Seat Covers.

1993 300ZX with our Two-Tone All Sheepskin Seat Covers.  (Ask us for price.)

Custom Made for a 2015 Honda Civic LX in Pearl.

Tailor Made All Sheepskin Seat Covers and Headrest Covers for a Toyota Venza in White.

"your customer service is outstanding! the products are great!! it looks and feels wonderful!!! i chose the wrong color. no problem returning. asked for brownest mushroom and got it. what more could i want? nothing. it all restores one's faith in good business. thank you!" Marion on 12/21/2017

"Thanks Chad, went for a drive today, the covers are super comfortable, and warm which is great for Colorado mountain winters! I will enjoy them, ok take care, Sincerely," Bill on 10/16/2017

"Hey Chad Thanks for the great covers! We got the last set at (removed) for ($50) and they were garbage; but it was a leased car so we let them go! These are just what I wanted, like the covers we used to get in the 60s and 70s. Easy to install, the truck has a lot of room under the seats. Regards" Andrew on 6/3/2017

"They arrived, are installed and they look great - very nice." Dan on 8/5/2016

"Thank you for superb customer service. The quality and fit is excellent. Makes my 34 year old car a pleasure to drive in any weather." Jay on 8/1/2016

"They are beyond perfect!! I haven't yet installed the back seat -but will try and do that today. So far... the front seats, console, and steering wheel are done :-) What an absolute treat. The difference is immediate - it's been below 33 degrees and I've been going on drives solely because it's made the entire driving experience soooo much better. Thank you so much for the quality work you do and the accommodations you made regarding delivery. I couldn't be more grateful. Whatever sites you would like me to post an extremely positive review on, I am glad to do. You may also publish this review on your website, if you'd like. Incredibly happy. Thank you!!!" Jennifer on 11/29/2015

"I drive a 1984 Volvo 240 D wagon and to have one of your plush covers has long been a dream of mine--I ordered a deep blue one that mirrors the deep blue of the original vinyl--it came today--I am thrilled and excited to drive my car without burning my legs in the summer and chilling them in the winter--thank you along with my gratitude to Al, perhaps the most even and knowledgable employee I have EVER spoken with--your company is lucky to have him as your representative--thank you, once more, for your superior product and excellent service--" Jan on 9/9/2015

"Thank you chad! We got the seat covers on time...will let you know if quests with install but they look great! thanks very much." Andrew on 8/30/2015

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